Questions about api integration and sms

Hello I am integrating the api and I have 2 questions:

1- I am sending orders however they are not appearing in the dashboard as if the order didn’t reach, is it because I am still in sandbox mode? if yes how can i make sure that the order reached stuart successfully?

2- when the order reaches you will stuart take case of sending SMS updates to the client?

Hi @joe,

When sending a job request to us by API, whether in Sandbox or Production, you will receive back a standard HTTP response which indicated whether the request was a success or not. You can find more details of these responses in our API docs.

Sandbox and Production accounts are separate and have separate API credentials, you can find out more about account creation and our environments in the getting started page of our API docs.

We are able to handle sending SMS updates to your end customer, for more information on this topic please see this post. Note that this SMS service is only available in our Production environment.

thanks Lauren, didnt mention that I am using a woocommerce plugin to call the apis

Hi @joe,

Is the account you’re using for the Woocommerce plugin a Production or Sandbox account?
You’ll need to connect the correct API credentials to the plugin to define which account it will operate with.

We can still set up the SMS on our side in the relevant account so long as the orders you send to us have the end customer phone number information provided. Our commercial teams would usually set this up for you, we can provide you with a relevant contact if you don’t already have one - just let us know which country you are looking to operate in.

For any additional support on issues experienced with the plugin we would ask you to contact the Support of the plugin supplier directly as unfortunately these aren’t owned by Stuart. For further information on plugins this post might be helpful.