Problem with webhooks yesterday (September 30th, 2021)

Hello there,

Yesterday we had two delivery orders, one at 15:00 (UTC + 1) and another at 22:00 (UTC + 1).

The first one works without any issues and the calls to the webhook you would expect were received.

The second one was finished too, but no call to the webhook was received …

Has there been a problem or change that makes these calls not received?



In order to have a greater look, could you share with us the Stuart account ID (in your API settings page where you retrieve the credentials for the API) ?


Hi @Listae ,

Thank you for your direct reply.

I can see that we are still sending the webhooks but it falls. It might be for different reasons:

  1. We have several IPs that we use to send them, are they all whitelisted? You can check here our used IP exhaustive list.
  2. Could it be a firewall blocker on your side?

You can try and test to manually send webhooks with the webhook simulator in Sandbox.

Hello @Listae ,

Given the amount of clients reporting the issue, we investigated and the problem is related to the SSL certificates that prevent us from sending webhooks in Production and Sandbox. We are working internally to mitigate the impact.

You can follow up on the topic here.