No sandbox webhooks being received


I’m creating orders in the sandbox via the API fine, and they show up in the dashboard - but no webhooks are received.

The endpoint is 100% working and has been tested - can you confirm sandbox webhooks are being sent please???

The API account is my email address;

API Username:

I am sending test payload to the same address I have specified in the sandbox - but get nothing from your system.


Let me check your account and see what has happened. In general, I have just tried an example and received webhooks successfully, so there may be a specific issue.

Okay, thank you. I mean, the endpoint is active, it will accept any dynamic JSON - I have repeatedly tested it so perhaps there is something I am overlooking…



Thanks Nadav,

I can see the errors from our side - let’s pick this up over email as we could get into a fair amount of technical detail here - is the address you’ve provided above the best way to reach you? Or alternatively could you send a direct message with the address you’d like to use for further comms?


That’s fine, yep it’s - the same email as registered here.