Not receiving webhooks

Hi there, we don’t have any webhooks since 11th of february, (Production or Sandbox).
Did you change something in your API?
Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for letting us know - nothing has changed in our API but I can confirm on the latest job I see that we are trying to send you webhooks but the message is not reaching your endpoint. This could be for a variety of reasons so let me investigate further on our side and I will follow up to message you privately so we can work through this together.

Kind Regards,

Hi James,
as you requested, I checked the settings in our API production dashboard.
Everything looks good (API Username, API Client ID, API Secret, API OAuth Token, Client ID) :
Webhook V2 URL:
Webhook authentication header: (empty)
Webhook authentication key: (empty)
Are these mandatory?

Hi Olivia - these aren’t mandatory no but the use case for these is generally so Stuart can provide you with a known authentication key. This means that when you receive messages on the endpoint, you can tell that it’s us and not some other party, so it’s good practice to have these.

So we get a 401 error when trying to send webhooks to you, which usually indicates that your endpoint is expecting us to provide some sort of authorisation - since these values are blank, we do not provide anything and so the request fails.

I think it’s worth checking with the person in your organisation who maintains that webhook V2 URL endpoint - say that Stuart receives a 401 error when calling it and verify if they have set up any new authorisation steps for it recently.

Let me know how things go,

All right, thank you James.
I think we have just solved this problem.
It’s our fault: we had added a restriction on 2 WS.
Thank you very much for your answer, it was very helpful.

Have a nice evening.

Ah great news Olivia!

Thanks very much, have a nice evening too!