Web Hooks 2 URL

Hope you are doing well.
I am confused as to what URL you’re supposed to enter, on stuart admin underneath API settings?
Also, what are the webhook authentication header and key?
It would be great if you could answer this soon!
Hope to hear from you soon

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Hi Priyesh,

Thanks for getting in touch, hope you’re doing well too!

The webhook URLs and webhook authentication keys are for our clients who want to receive automatic updates for their deliveries - see the introduction page here.
However, to do this they will need to set up their own URL endpoint that is owned by them so that Stuart has a place to send these messages. There are services online that can set up example ones for you but for individuals exploring our API, we would not expect them to have set this up.

So don’t worry too much if the webhooks concept isn’t clear, it’s not essential for you to put any values in these fields in order to explore our API.

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Hi James,
Thanks for getting back.
I am actually interested in exploring the API, so could you please provide an explanation as to how one should create their own URL end point? I need it for receiving real-time updates

No problem Priyesh,

A good website we like to use for testing is https://webhook.site/ - when you visit it, it will generate a unique endpoint for you to use. Once you update Stuart’s admin page with that unique endpoint, any Stuart webhooks sent will be visible to you on your webhook.site page

Hi James,
I followed the link, and when I created the unique endpoint and tried one of the GET requests, it came back with a 404 error.

Hi Priyesh,
Which GET request did you try? One of the ones listed on the Stuart API docs?

To clarify, webhooks and calling endpoints are separate things - one should not affect the other. Webhooks are for automatic updates when Stuart is telling you it has new information about the delivery. When you call an endpoint, you should just get the response directly irrespective of what webhook settings you have.

Hi James,
Thank you for the quick replies.
Sorry I meant the one below, (screenshot)

Hi Priyesh,

Right right, thank you - yes you can’t trigger webhook messages manually from the API page, that’s just to show you what the message looks like. Those kinds of messages will come through automatically when jobs are actually created on your account using the other endpoints.

It may be useful for us to make this clearer on that page for future reference.


Hi James,

I will try and make myself a little more clearer,.
I am trying to find out how long it takes for a job to find a driver and when the driver delivered the package? How do I find these details, because I thought it would be through some API call or this webhook message.

I created a job through the API endpoint ‘create a job’, but how do I find out the above details. The dashboard doesn’t tell me.

Sorry for the back and forth, its just a bit frustrating

Hi Priyesh,

Yes indeed, you should be able to work out when the driver delivered the package via either the dashboard, the webhooks or an API call to another endpoint. Note that on the dashboard the time the driver delivered the package is in the dropoff panel when you click on the job in the history tab.

There is an endpoint you can use to fetch the details of the job which includes the delivered time. Have a look through the other endpoints in our documentation and see which one might be suitable.

Or alternatively as you suggested, webhooks are another way of seeing when the driver delivered the package, based on at what point they are automatically fed through to the client.