Sandbox Webhook v2 not working

Ehi there, I’m testing webhook v2 in sandbox mode but apparently it’s not working, I inserted the url in Webhook V2 URL but I don’t receive requests on my server, and the response I see in Stuart is 404 Not Found. Could you help me to find out what I’m missing? Maybe I’ve to insert the url in a different format?
I tried the same url with another company (Stripe) that use this webhook service and it’s working, so don’t know what it could be.

Hello @Cawa94,

Could you tell me the email address used for your sandbox account in direct message. I will then check to see if the webhooks are sending from our side.

On right I’m gonna write an email to that address, thank you :grinning:

I will respond to you by email.
In the meantime, for more information on getting started, check out Starting my Integration.

I will conclude this question discussed by email so that others might find the answer:

The webhooks testing available through our official API documentation sends to the dummy address ‘’ and not to the URL you may have setup in your account dashboard settings.

I have this same problem. That is incredibly confusing, and pointless!!! How can I test the webhooks on my sandbox then? i.e. simulate the webhooks generated from an order?

Hi there,

To confirm the process for this: if you have set up your Webhook URL in your account dashboard settings as per above, all you need to do is create a job using your account credentials and you will receive the Webhooks that simulate the job correctly.

I can certainly see why having the option to “Try it Out” for the Webhooks section is confusing and we will take your feedback on board.

Asa an aside, we also have a Postman collection as a starting point for creating test cases via the Sandbox, as per here: Public Postman Collection Now Available, which includes all the endpoints on the API Docs pages