Issue with testing environment


I am writing with regards to the integration we at Menuu have with Stuart.

We have noticed an issue with our testing credentials. The url we have is which we cannot connect to. However, in your API documentation guide we saw the following link for the sandbox - but upon opening it we get the following error - We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please provide this requestID if asking for support:

Can you please provide us with current links to your testing environment? Or if these are the current ones - some information about the issue we are having?

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

Menuu Dev Team

Hi @Menuu,

The url is our API url to connect to our sandbox environment.
You would need to include the API url with one of our endpoints such as the ‘job creation’ endpoint for example:, including your job payload as found in our API documentation.

You can also follow our easy 5 step quick start guide found on our developers portal, which provides video guides on how this works.

If you wanted to conduct testing using your web browser, you would need to use the sandbox dashboard which is

I hope this helps & please me let know if you have any further queries.