SandBox API down?

Hi, Im currently trying to do some testing in my test enviroment and I can’t seem to connect to:

Is this the Sand Box API Down? - If so when will it be back online?

Is there some kind of status page where you can check if the APIs (both test and live) are online?

Hi there,

This was a planned change to the format of the Sandbox URL that has now fully gone into effect.
Please see this announcement about the deprecation of the Sandbox URL to a new format and what the updated URLs are: Deprecation of the Sandbox URL

You can enable notifications for our announcements page so you’re kept up to date about upcoming changes like this in the future!


Ok thanks for that… I would have been waiting for hours hoping it would just magicly going to come back online :slight_smile: thats not going to happen.

so is it just the base URL thats changed so for example

now becomes


Yes indeed, just the base URL - everything else will stay the same.


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