Bubble Integration API

Hello, I am a beginner developer and I am currently creating a delivery application in No Code for the first time via Bubble.io for my company, I am looking to install the Stuart API on it because I used to use this service. So I created a sandbox account to be able to test scenarios, I performed the tests with postman as indicated in the doc and everything works, a command is created in my history, however I can not integrate it in my Bubble application, not because of problems, I just don’t have the skills to know what to focus on.
Do you have any solutions or help for me?
Thank you

Here is a screenshot to show you the API integration interface on Bubble.

Hello @RomainZao,

Nice to hear that you’re trying to integrate our API!
We do not provide any plugin for Bubble.io, but from what I can see (and your screenshot), they seem to provide a way to integrate custom api : https://manual.bubble.io/account-and-marketplace/building-plugins/adding-api-connections.

Our authentication is Oauth2, which you will find here.

Then I would advice focusing on these endpoints:

But you might indeed need some coding skills to make everything work.


Thank you very much for your answer.
Your answer helped me, however I am stuck on the endpoint, here is what offers bubble as authentication:

I’m struggling with how I could configure an endpoint, do I have to create it via Stuart and create a Webhook?
I think my API call is good but I can’t create a command (while on Postman it works ) because of the endpoint.
My goal at the moment is to call an order via my web application, then I can focus on how to call my order data.
Do you have any solutions ?
Thank you

Hello @RomainZao,

The OAuth flow you want to use is this one, you should find all the information in our doc, as mentioned in my previous message.

For the rest of the integration, I think you can contact Bubble’s support, as we are not expert of their solution.

Happy to help if you have any questions about our API or best practices!


Hi, thanks for your help
I’ll let you know if it works, and why not share my solution for future users of Bubble

See you soon