API integration in app


I’d like to integrate the Stuart API into an app that I am launching. It is a marketplace so I’d like to know if I integrate the API into my app, can individual users place an order from the app through Stuart? If so, once the order has been placed, does the seller have to enter the address drop off address or does the address automatically get filled in?

Yes! The Stuart API will allow you to integrate your app to our delivery system so that the information provided in the app by the customer, such as the dropoff address can be linked with the required strings to create a delivery order or job.

If this is your first time integrating our API we highly recommend checking out our Getting Started guide and testing out how our API works in our sandbox environment.

We also highly recommend this article to test out our different endpoints in Postman; For our complete list of available endpoints see our API documentation for more details.

Hope this helps!