Why Stuart update job drop-off address


I created the job on 24.05.2020 using API. Job Id is 106963182.

Stuart updated my drop-off address. I can’t write addresses because of the public forum. You can check with the job id. My drop-off address when I put the job and Stuart response drop-off address are different.

Why Stuart updated my drop-off address?

Hi @e1775,

The given address ‘27 Burrow House Stockwell park Road SW9 0UY’ Google geocodes to ‘33 Stockwell Park Rd Burrow House, SW9 0UY, London, The United Kingdom’, for more information on our address best practices in order to avoid issues with address geocoding please see our address best practices.

Trying to locate this address in Google Maps, and based on the comments provided in the job request, I suspect it might actually be ‘27 Aytoun Rd, Ferndale, London, SW9 0UR’ ? It looks like the confusion lies in ‘Burrow House’ being on ‘Aytoun Rd’ based on Maps.

I think that the geocoded result would have actually taken the driver to the place where he could easily find the intended address, it seems to have been successfully delivery.