Address changed when Job is created

Good morning,

We have some doubts about the integration of Stuart on our Delivery Service. We’re using your API, we’ve already created our Access Token, and we validated the pickup and dropoff addresses, but when we create the Job, both addresses change. We sent an exemple address (a validated address on your API GET method “ValidateAddress”) with the text “Carrer Balmes 10 1º 4ª 08007 Barcelona”, but the Job created has the address “4ª, Carrer de Balmes 10”. The address changes, and this is a very important issue, because without the flat/floor number, you can’t made the delivery. Maybe the flat/floor number has to be on a special field? Which is the way to do this?


Hello Nicholas,

The validate address endpoint allows you to validate whether a given address is valid as a Stuart pickup or dropoff address, the response is either success of failure. This endpoint checks whether the address is real, accurate enough and within the Stuart picking or delivery zones.

When creating the job, the address is geocoded which may cause it to change if it the address string you provided was not originally a google geocoded address. To prevent this from happening we recommend that you use a Google autocomplete field for your customer address to ensure the format you send us will be valid and recognised 100% of the time. Please refer to our address best practices post for more information.

It would be great to meet and discuss your integration with our team so that we can find out more about your project and answer any questions you have. Please see the related post Starting my Integration for more information.

Hello Lauren,

I understand, but then how you cover the flat/floor number on your deliveries? You must deliver thousand packages to flats or condos or departments. How your customers inform you about this parameters? Do you have any special fields for these parameters? We’ll use API-only-calls, any solution must be on this service.

Any help would be great :smile:


Hello Nicolas,

For adding additional information such as flat/floor number to help the courier we recommend using the ‘job.pickups[0].comment’ and ‘job.dropoffs[0].comment’ fields. Please see our API documentation for more information on fields available when creating a job.