Address change issue

I’m using the API to book a Stuart rider, but for some addresses when setting the delivery address the API is not getting the correct address even though I am passing the correct address as a string.

Hi @Lendress1,

Thank you for your query, the address that you send to us is geocoded on our side and hence following this formatting the address can change. Here is our advice on avoiding this address change issue:

  • Making use of a Google autocomplete solution on your end to ensure that the address passed to us is compatible with the Google geocoding service, see address best practices for more information.

  • Providing flat and apartment number information in the comments field rather than providing this in the address field. Commonly these additional address details can confuse the geocoding service and by providing these in the comments our drivers can still see this information in their driver app.

  • In the UK where postcodes are usually specific, some integrators choose to provide only the postcode and city information in the address field, and the other address lines in the comments field. If using this method to avoid geocoding mismatches we would advise implementing a retry mechanism upon receiving an error such as ‘CANT_GEOCODE_ADDRESS’ or ‘OUT_OF_RANGE’ in order to try again with the full address.