Stuart autocomplete places

Hi all, I am building a new wordpress plugin and I asking me how Stuart manage with autocomplete address on pickup and drop off deliveries addresses.

Could anyone help me with that please? I am using google api at the moment but the use is very expensive.

Thank you in advance

Hello @Jabit,

You can read more about our address best practices here, we recommend using Google autocomplete solution because we Google geocode on our side and so this is the best bet to avoid any address mis-match.

However, you may feel free to try some similar address validating tools which may be cheaper than Google, at Stuart we do not have any other particular recommendations but it’d be great if any members of this developer community could help!

Browsing around a little I come across ‘Here’ auto complete solution, I wonder if this could be of help.

Hi Lauren,
thanks so much for the quick reply.
I already did the integration with HERE Maps, everything works perfectly. soon I’ll upload the new wordpress plugin with wooCommerce and Stuart integration.

I am just having some problems with some addresses in Stuart, for example “Calle de Sandoval, 12 local 3, 28010 Madrid” get it from google maps, it did not match anything in Stuart Drop off Request delivery, Why? I am just curious, Stuart use the google API??


Hi @Jabit,

That’s great, i’m happy that helped.

What do you mean by ‘did not match anything’, are you looking at the address in our dashboard or trying this address through the address validation endpoint of the API, or other?
This is a valid address in our API and when I start to type this address in the dashboard I get suggestions, however if you paste the complete correct address no suggestions are presented as it is already a match.

Hi Lauren, I mean when I call the API, with the address " Calle de Sandoval, 12 local 3, 28010 Madrid” to do a new job, in the job validation request I get “true” but inside the Stuart sandbox control panel the new job pick up address is set to a strange address and I think it is because in the address is written “local 3” and when I omit it, it’s work like a charm.

Hi @Jabit,

Ah I see, here the ‘local 3’ is indeed confusing Google and so returning a different address. For information like this it’s better to omit it from the ‘address’ and add it to the ‘comments’ field instead so that our driver still has this additional information.

Hi Lauren,
Exactly! I already did that. Thanks!
The plugin seems to be working nicely. I’ll upload it next week on WordPress store and I’ll post it here in the community.

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