Address S/N Help me

We have this address “C/ Camino de Vinateros s/n” we have also done “Calle Camino de Vinateros s/n”

We execute validate service in

and the result in both is the same.
_ “message”: “The address can’t be geocoded”_

But this street exist, How could we write this address correctly?

Hey Carlos,

As you can see here, you address is not accurate at all:

Following our addresses best practices will prevent your system from sending this kind of addresses.


yes, but you service, validate, answer back error.

Indeed, because it’s not accurate enough (as explained above :point_up:️).

Try again with C/ Camino de Vinateros 1 and you’ll see that you get another error.

In addition, I am not sure you already started to implement our platform or if you’re just playing with our documentation, but it’s really important that you implement some address autocompletion service.