Mapping Issues - by no means not for the first time

I apologise for my tone, but I have spent FAR too much time trying to get a refund for this, and I’ve now been redirected here. Literally it’s about an hour of my time so far doing this.

This relates to order: 183561036

Customer inputs correct address infomation in the normal way, which is sent to you via API, as has happened for the past 3+ years.

However, as sometimes happens, there’s a mapping issue (despite all address details being correct) which means when the task is automatically created at your end, it goes to a completely different address, some 3/4 miles away.

Customer enters address details as: EC1V1LQ, Flat 4, St Peters House, Oakley Crescent

Stuart job creates this address: 108 Bethune Road, N16 5FD, London

That’s it, that’s what happened. And yes this is the third time, and third place i am writing to Stuart about this, and we’ve had no acceptance of fault, no offer of a refund.

The support these days is AWFUL.

Obviously glitches and bugs are present in every system, no matter how good. But to make it this hard to HELP YOU get better, is a total shambles.

Ultimately we’ve been charged £30.78 for this delivery. That’s BEFORE the food price we’ve lost. So a chilled £80+ including the food. And i’m still here, writing this all out again.

I’m sorry but no wonder the app reviews are pitiful, when the app itself is actually really good. The support / feedback / quality is really letting you all down.

I look forward to your respone.


Hello @FeastHQ,

Thank you for reaching out. We understand how frustrating this kind of geocoding issue can be, and are happy to help improve the situation wherever possible.

For this order our logs show the input address as “Flat 4, St Peters House Oakley Crescent EC1V1LQ, London, UK” which geocoded to “108 Bethune Road, N16 5FD, London, The United Kingdom”.
It seems the culprit of the address mismatch is the flat details “Flat 4” which when omitted give the correct geocoding result.

We have seen this issue before and have written the following UK Best Address Practices to help reduce such occurrences. We’re aware though that it be not a simple task to split this kind of address part out of the address that you send to us. Do you think it would be feasible in your systems to omit the additional address details or first address line?

We would be happy to discuss with you further in a call this possibility and other potential options to improve the geocoding issues you’ve experienced.

In terms of the refund and support, we will check internally on the policy and potential improvements regarding this and come back to you as soon as possible.

Hello @FeastHQ,

To provide an update, our Service Monitoring team are investigating your case and will reach out to you through your Support channel.

Additionally, we will soon be announcing a promising new feature to help improve geocoding issues like the one you reported. This will likely be announced tomorrow, so keep an eye out in our Announcements category.