App picking up wrong address

Good afternoon Stuart team,

I hope you can help me with the below.

I have one customer that does not receive his Just Eat orders, as these seem to go to an address unrelated to him.

The orders: 1314746464, 1305876207 and 1295056392 have experience the same issue.

The customer’s address is 14 Embassy Court, Lansdown Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 4EW.

However, the orders have gone to this address instead: 190 Court Road, London, SE9 4EW.

As you can see, all these orders share is the last 3 digits in the post code.

When speaking to the customer, he provided this feedback: "the driver showed me what the wrong address looks like in his app and its seems that the drivers get given 2 addresses for my order, one is the unknown address and then there is a drop down in the drivers app underneath this unknown address which when pressed produces a dropdown with my address on it.

The seems like a technically issue, either with the just-eat app that the drivers use or somehow you have a corrupted entry in the database the looks up the order address for my account."

Are you able to assist me with this matter? Or are you able to direct me toward whoever handles issues with the app that the drivers are using?

I would appreciate a swift response on this one, as unfortunately the customer has been going around in circles since June…

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Lola,

Many thanks for your message and many apologies that this has taken so long to resolve. Let me provide some background:

So indeed particularly with flats and buildings we have seen cases where the third party map service we use to geocode isn’t aware of the property and so defaults to the closest match - as you can observe, in this situation the geocoding will have picked up on “Court” and the second half of the postcode.

Generally when this happens we are able to raise tickets to get these places added and resolved. However, I have tried variations of your supplied address and it looks like this has been resolved already and the address should be correct now.

Unfortunately since these orders are very old as you mention, we don’t have all of the data for what exactly the client requested to 100% confirm this - has the client attempted an order recently? i.e. in the last month?

Many thanks,

Hello James,

Very many thanks for your reply.

I’m afraid I don’t have any new orders. The customer stopped ordering back in June, when the issue became evident.

I was discussing the issue with the customer and this is the last information that he provided me with. I don’t know if it will help at all:

"Thank you for your reply Lola.

I think there maybe some confusion regarding my address as I don’t live in a block of flats. Embassy Court isn’t a block of flats, its a private road. It consists of 29 properties that’s each have their own numbered Embassy Court address and have their own front door. It’s also worth mentioning that this has been the case since these properties were built back in the 1960s, so no modifications have been made to the area in recent times which would affect how the geocoding service would interpret a propertys’ address.

If the geocoding service is at fault for the issues we are having, it’s very odd that this service can suddenly stop recognising an address it has recognised for 6 years, unless this service has been altered some how. We haven’t had any issues with anyone else either. All other food and delivery services have not had this or similar issues."

Would it be worth asking the customer to place a new order so we can have a look and make sure that the issue has been fixed?

Many thanks,

Thanks Lola,

Indeed because many of these third party geocoding services are crowdsourced, we have also seen cases where an address that previously worked has suddenly started giving unusual results. There is limited control we have over these cases other than raising the issue with them, but most of the time they do get resolved appropriately.

I can’t 100% confirm that there won’t be any further issues as the address could be coming through in a slightly different way to what we are anticipating. And if they haven’t ordered since June, it may be better to simply consider the matter closed - but let me know if they do decide to proceed and I will keep an eye out

Many thanks,