Address Validation

The address validation endpoint is giving different validation to the pricing endpoint

according to the address validation endpoint this delivery address is correct ( FYI it is not )
2 Ursula St, 439 Richmond Rd, Battersea, SW1V 2QR, GB

But the pricing endpoint is correctly giving a GEOCODE error.

In this sense the address validation endpoint is useless if it can’t correctly validate the address to be used against a job.

Can this please be investigated as to why it doesn’t work?

Note i tested this with/without a fake phone number.
and without the phone number it responded that a phone number was required.
with the number it responded that it was a valid address

Hi @dgoring,

When I try this address in the address validation endpoint I get ‘CANT_GEOCODE_ADDRESS’, whether I provide a valid phone number or not.
However, I can also verify in our logs that your requests returned varied results of success or failure given the various attempts with different phone numbers, so this is indeed a strange case.

I suspect that this is because the Google Geocoding API can provide multiple geocode address results, some of which we deem valid and some we don’t based on their accuracy. We will investigate this case specifically to see what changes we can make to our geocoding process to ensure that our validation is providing consistent results.

We currently have a team actively working on improvements to our geocoding service, part of this being gathering and analysing data to find improvements. So, rest assured that we are working to improve this service and your feedback on issues such as these really help us to identify ways to improve.

i am trying to integrate the stuart to goodeats, giving error for address validation… why ???


Hello @munchiescraft,

You can find some additional information on our error codes in this page of our API documentation which may help to provide more context to the error you received. If you’d like us to provide more help on a specific example, please provide detail of the payload and endpoint used which gave you an error.