Validating Addresses

GET Validate address

  • This is a simple API that takes in a full address string and phone number and tells you via a true or false whether we can deliver using that address or not. If it’s successful, you can be confident that you can use the address in a full delivery request.

  • For delivery addresses, use this as a check early in the delivery flow to give instant feedback to customers about whether a delivery is possible.

  • This endpoint could be used to check your origin addresses are valid, you can use our Sandbox or Production environment to check that your Origin addresses are valid before go-live or before opening a new store/pickup place.

  • You’ll notice the phone number is optional - if the address by itself isn’t accurate enough, we will need a phone number to confirm the address is suitable for delivery. However, you should always aim to supply a phone number where possible. There is always the chance that the courier will need to get in touch with the customer.

Caveat: To get the most value from this validation endpoint, please make sure to follow the address best practices.

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