Phone Validation

I’ve noticed a difference in validation of the phone number for different end points
which is causing my plugin issues.

If i include the phone number on the address validate it seems to only validate the presence not the format. this is also the case with the Request a job price endpoint.

Which is a problem as i accept the phone and address combo as correct, and even get an estimate, and so let the order through and then at the end i finally create the job.

Where the phone number is properly validated and is suddenly incorrect and it now has to be manually fixed by getting in contact with the client rather than them entering the correct number in the first place.

Can the phone number be properly validated on all endpoints? not just the request a job

Hello @dgoring,

I recommend you, to check this endpoint:

This endpoint does validate the phone and will return an error if the phone is not valid. If not, it will simply return a positive message, indicating that this job is good to be created.

Okay, that’s fine, but i need the pricing as well as validating. so with this i would need to make two requests, that could easily be combined into one.

The presence of the phone is validated in these endpoints, i feel like it makes a lot of sense to also check that the phone has a valid format.

Please could it be added to any endpoint with a phone input?

Hello @dgoring,

You are completely right. We are right now building a new API, version number 3 and we will make sure this is taken into account.
Sadly, we cannot extend the current API right now with the feature you are requesting, as we are fully focused on defining and writing the new V3.

Thank you