Could Job Validation and Job Creation Points Return the Same Dataset?

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I wanted to ask whether it would be possible to at some point in the future to have the job_validation endpoint return some or all of the data from the job_creation endpoint?

My use case is that sometimes (not often but more often than you would hope), one of my users inputs some data incorrectly, either a postcode or street name, but the job is still able to be created. For example;

We want to arrange a pickup from 75 George Street, SW1S 1DA, so my user provides the following (note that they have made a mistake in the ‘Street Address’ field):

Street Address: 89 New Bond Street
Postcode: SW1S 1DA

Job Validation says “success: true”, but when we create the relevant job with exactly the same data, the Job creates a collection from 89 New Bond Street, W1S 1DA. We don’t know about the error until we make the booking, which apart from breaking UI flow, seems quite wasteful in terms of resources on both sides, as this job now has to be cancelled and re-booked.

Is there a way to have the server return more than just success = True/False for job validation? Ideally, if possible, could it return the address that the server ‘thinks’ it is validating?

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Hello @booey811 ,

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Unfortunately we can’t change the response returned by this endpoint.

Our advice would be to add a validation such as google autocomplete to your interface. This way almost all addresses should be geocodable and this type of error can be avoided.

I remain at your disposal if you need more details.


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