Address validation - distance too big


I have problem with job validation and job creation. These endpoints works different. [sandbox] We have situation:

  • customer is providing address - at this moment address is Valid from Stuart point of view (address validation). Let say it’s Paris.
  • customer is adding something to cart (at this point we are checking job validation), we are sending to endpoint two addresses (shop address: Lyon) + other info - at this point Job validation endpoint validates Job correctly - everything good from Stuart side.
  • at the moment when customer is trying to place order -> create Job, api returning error about too big distance and is not creating Job

I thought that it’s not possible? If I’m using job validation endpoint, placing job should works on the same rules - I think. What I’m doing wrong?

Hi @mark,

Could you send some specific details of the requests made such as the addresses or the client reference used for the job creation request? This will allow us to investigate the specific case to see what’s happening.

Hm… I afraid I found problem on my side. Sorry, topic can be removed.