ROUTE_NOT_VALID on two valid, very close addresses

We are testing two very close addresses:

  • C/ Gran Vía, 12, 28013 Madrid, Spain
  • C/ Gran Vía, 14, 28013 Madrid, Spain

but the API is returning 400 Bad request with a ROUTE_NOT_VALID code.
I tested it on the Stuart dashboard and it returned the same problem.

NOTE: The same thing happens with addresses that are further from each other, such as:

  • C/ Gran Vía, 12, 28013 Madrid, Spain
  • Calle de Ponzano, 14, 28010 Madrid, Spain

Hi Artur,

Thank you for raising this and the clear example provided - we will investigate and get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind Regards,

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Hi again @Artur

We have discovered a bug behind one of our Sandbox features. We have disabled this while we investigate so you should be able to carry on with Sandbox job creations as normal.

Let us know if you experience any further problems.

Kind Regards,

Hi! Any chance this bug is present in production too? We are seeing an issue in production where we are receiving a CANT_GEOCODE_ADDRESS error message on a job with two addresses that seem to be perfectly valid in sandbox.

Here’s the json for the job in question:
“address”:“Calle Francisco de Rojas, 7, 28010, Madrid”,
“company”:“Some comp”
“address”:“Calle de Felipe Campos, 7, 28002 Madrid, Spain 28002 Madrid”,


Thank you for your message.

We could reproduce the discrepancy of both environments and we’re looking to the source of the issue.

We will get back to you with further information about it.


Hi, have you been able to make any progress on this issue?

Thank you.