Specify floor number in job creation


We are trying to integrate the Stuart API with our platform using the PHP client: https://github.com/StuartApp/stuart-client-php

When creating a Job, the Job is created and can be seen in the Stuart dashboard, but the floor number of the address is removed.

We are using the following as a dropoff address: C/ Jacometrezo 15 2º A 28013 Madrid

But, when the Job is created, the “2º A” portion of the address is removed:

Why does this happen?

Thank you in advance

Hello Joel,

When you create a job using C/ Jacometrezo 15 2º A 28013 Madrid as an address we will geocode this full text address (using Google Geocoding) and use the result. In your case the geocoding result is Calle Jacometrezo, 15, 28013 Madrid, Spain.

Best solution to avoid any addresses errors is for you to use a Google autocomplete for your customer address.
You can pass the extra information (floor number, digicode,…) in the dedicated dropoffs[n].comment field when creating a job.

Best Regards

Thank you for your answer Paul, we will do that