Sandbox not working


1 - Sandbox environment is not working since 4 days. API says “The access token is invalid” but I didn’t change anything (I checked API keys). Before this error, when I added a job, status stuck in “searching…” and it never changed. The tracking URL didn’t work too.

2 - Is there a good webhook documentation? I couldn’t find it.

3 - Location update webhook request comes with every ~3 minutes. This time interval is too much for me. The driver doesn’t move smoothly on my map. How can we reduce this location update interval?



  1. We have been experiencing issues with our Sandbox environment since the 9th November. We appreciate that this has been brought to our attention by integrators such as yourself. Our backend team are investigating the issues, we will update you here when we know more.

  2. You can find detail on our webhooks in our api documentation, here is a link to the job update webhooks page.

  3. How long have you observed this 3 min update? I believe this is usually more frequent but I wonder if this is related to the recent sandbox issues.

We observed this location update situation in the production environment yesterday.


Our Sandbox environment should now be working again as expected.
Let us know if you encounter any issues.

For the Production environment, is it only the driver update webhooks that you seem to be missing and are you still noticing this issue today? We are investigating any potential cause to a change in these webhooks.

As always we will keep you posted

Yes, sandbox environment working fine. But we got “The access token is invalid” error again using “addresses/validate API” in the production environment 1 hour ago.

There is no driver update webhook ({“event”:“driver”,“type”:“update”…) It disappeared last week (we had to update our side). Our last driver update log record on November 6th, 2019.

I am talking about delivery update webhook ({“event”:“delivery”,“type”:“update”…). It comes to every ~1-2 min now. We need ~5 sec for move the driver smoothly on our map.


Hello @e1775,

Our backend team are investigating the bug of driver location update webhooks and the access token error also, we will update you when we know more.

You mention the delivery update webhook causing your driver to not move smoothly on the map, we would expect you to use the driver location updates for this purpose as there updates are more frequent.

Hello @e1775,

We have deployed a fix for the issue of driver location update webhooks not sending, you should now be receiving these again.