H2H ID identifiers

When uploading a manifest file you will come across 3 identifier fields which need to be inputted and formatted correctly.

Order ID, Package ID & Transport ID

What format should I use?

All 3 fields are string values meaning any characters are accepted, we recommend not using special characters (like &, %, etc).

The maximum length of the Order_ID and Package_ID is 25 characters, whereas the Transport_ID is 50 characters.

Package ID & Transport ID are mandatory, however the Order ID is not mandatory. (We recommend this is still filled out for your own internal tracking and invoicing)

How should I use these fields?

Header Format Mandatory Maximum length Notes Example
order_id String No 25 the end-customer friendly order id 123456
package_id String Yes 25 Your unique package identifier UNIQUE per client account. ITEM-123456
transport_id String Yes 50 Barcode value
Should be UNIQUE globally (if you don’t have the barcode value yet, by default the value will be {client_number}-{package_id} instead.

Order ID
The order ID should be set as the end-customer’s order number or reference number for their parcel.

Package ID
The package ID needs to be unique for your account as the package ID is used to identify packages in our system. We recommend making this the same as the Order_ID as this is already unique in your own system

Transport ID
The Transport ID needs to be unique within our systems as this field is also used as the barcode value.
We recommend using the default method as this has been setup to be unique, alternatively if you already have a method to produce barcode values this can be used instead. Please note, this must be unique from all clients using Stuart’s Hub to Home service.

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