Best practices providing order details

To ensure a smooth delivery, we recommend you to specify:

Client_reference: provide a unique order ID to be used for order tracking. It is particulary helpful as well for the driver to distinguish the package well in the pick up location. Please note that the assignment code is not displayed in the drivers’ app. Check here the drivers app display of the possible job parameters.

Comment : add delivery instructions & additional address info in comments fields. Please note that the address field can’t have any additional information other than the street name, street number, postcode, city and country. It is a useful field to specify the door number or any other detail for the driver. Also useful to specify that it is a fragile package.

Contact: provide company name, contact name & phone number. The phone number is mandatory for approximative addresses and highly recommended for all deliveries. Phone numbers are protected and anonymized.

End_customer_time_window_start / end : tell us your delivery promise. Check here how to use it when scheduling an order.