Differences between `assignment_code` and `client_reference`?


Can you please tell me what the intended difference is between assignment_code and client_reference?

Because client_reference is part of a dropoffs object, I imagine it is per delivery, not per job. And because assignment_code is part of the job, it is for all of the deliveries in the job.

How unique do these values need to be, and also is it the client_reference that is visible to the driver? Is it unique per store, and/or totally unique in the universe? Are there any uniqueness constraints on the assignment_code?

Thank you

Hi Mike,

You are totally right. Here are more information about the differences between client_reference and assignement_code:

  • client_reference is designed to receive your unique order id (uniqueness for all ongoing deliveries per Stuart account).
    This unique id per delivery (on the Delivery level) is important to ensure the traceability of your order. client_reference is also visible in the driver’s app to let the courier knows easily which parcel he has to take at the pickup location.

  • assignement_code: is designed to receive your optional accounting reference number.
    This id is on the Job level and has no uniqueness constraints. It is not visible for the driver but only for you.

Hi Paul,
Where is the assignment_code found in the dashboard? I’m sending it as a parameter on the job creation but I can’t find it in the sandbox dashboard.
Thank you,
Jordi Pino

Hi @Jordi,

The assignment_code is indeed not visible on the dashboard. You can get back the assignment_code information when you Get a job or Get a Job listing.

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