Number codes for transportTypes in v2 API?


In our API v1 implementation, we had to send a number for an associated transportType to the Quote service. The numbers were these:

		Walker = 1,
		Bike = 2,
		Motorbike = 3,
		Car = 4,
		Cargobike = 5,
		Van = 6

Are these numbers still used and valid in v2? If they are, can you please tell me the correct values? CargoBikeXl, MotorBikeXl appear to be new in v2.

Or are we now only using text values?


Hi Mike,

In V2 we are only using text values for the transport type. The allowed values are: bike, motorbike, car, cargobike, cargobikexl, motorbikexl. More information in the Transport Type section of the API doc

Please notice that the transport type Job is available in France :fr: only.
For Spain :es: and UK :uk: you can create Package type Jobs instead, to benefit from cross dispatch.

This means you specify the size of the parcel you want us to deliver (xsmall, small, medium, large or xlarge) and we send you the best courier who can handle it.

Thank you Paul :smile:

I tried to find the actual capacities of Package Types, but it seems to not be listed ( Can you please tell me where I can find the actual values for UK? I’d like to see if we can code it so that the orders we send request the appropriate size package.


Hi there! You can find some indications on package size capacity here: Let me know if you have more questions. Best, Shaheen

Thank you very much @Shaheen :slight_smile: