H2H Label Specifications

With Stuarts’s Hub 2 Home service, clients have the option to either supply their own labels or use the GetLabels API endpoint to have Stuart generate them; below is an example of the Stuart label format.


Items in bold are those required if you choose to produce your own label to ensure a reliable delivery and tracking.

QR Code/Barcode - The scannable code with the transport_id or stuart_id value
*If you are unable to produce a label you can use free websites such as https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/


Recipient_address + postal code & city



Transport_id - The barcode value of the parcel

If you wish to use our GetLabel API endpoint, below is an example of the parameters needed for the payload.

Please note, most of the information is taken from your Stuart_ID once the job has been created with the Get NewOrder API endpoint.

This endpoint will return a PDF link with all the required details to be printed and scanned in our hub.

Example of generated label

Please contact the CSE team or leave a comment if you have any further questions or queries regarding this topic.