Detecting price changes via webhook

Hi guys,

Your API platform is excellent and it’s been a pleasure using your service.

One thing that I’ve noticed from a few deliveries is that price that from your request job pricing is not always equal to the final price that is actually paid. I was wondering if there is any way we can track price changes via your api, e.g. in the job update webhook maybe add a pricing attribue to keep track of this?? Currently this is not possible m

Hello Chipzstar,

Thank you for your message!
There are 2 things about this endpoint:

  • the returned price is the highest price you can get for a job (distance and transport_type if used), as described here
  • it returns the price without VAT, with a payload on this format:
    "amount": 5.4,
    "currency": "GBP"

In the job creation’s response, you will have the final price in the pricing object, as follow:

"pricing": {
     "price_tax_included": 6.48,
     "price_tax_excluded": 5.4,
     "tax_amount": 1.08,
     "invoice_url": null,
     "tax_percentage": 0.2,
     "currency": "GBP"

The price will not change once the job is created, so you can rely on it.

I hope this answers your question!