Price tax included in Requesting pricing endpoint

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Using Request a Job pricing endpoint as described in documentation it’s price excluded VAT. Then after Job creation I have price included vat and included vat. At the moment of requesting just pricing I don’t have clear information about price tax included (but I need to show something to users). I don’t know what is tax percentage (or if I know, then it can change in the future).

Is it possible to send price with tax included too in requesting price ?
To solve our issue I will calculate that with static amount of percentage of vat.

Hi @mark,

Unfortunately at this time it’s not possible for us to include the VAT price prior to the delivery being completed. This is because of how VAT is computed and the technical restraints related to this topic.

Is it possible to get the formula or policy you use to calculate the tax. In our case we need to show the total charge (including tax) to the customers while estimation.

Hi @shammo,
Would it be sufficient in your case to provide an estimate of the full price including tax? And if so, would you be typically looking for the lower or upper estimate?

Thanks for your response. Actually,I want to show the total cost including tax to the customers. So, the answer to your question is yes. It would be sufficient in my case to have an estimate of the full price including tax. So, how am I getting that?

Thank you for your answer, this helps us to understand how to best help you.

Let us align with our payments team to understand the best advice on computing the estimate of the full amount, we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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Thanks in advance for the incoming help.

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Hello @shammo,

To come back to you with an update, for your case our advice would be to present the estimate by computing the additional cost based on the tax percentage of the given country you are operating in.

We will continue to explore ways to enhance our API offerings for the future, aiming to simplify the process further. Stay updated on any exciting developments by subscribing to announcements.