Bots configuration in sandbox

Hi all

I’m using Stuart Sandbox (btw this tooling is very useful and well documented, good job) to test integration with Wix.
I am calling Stuart API and using webhooks to track drivers.

I would need to be able to configure the bots that mimic drivers to be able to test all my uses cases. For instance, I would like to configure some events and behaviors like :

  • No driver has taken the delivery
  • The driver takes more time than expected (so be able to set the time it takes for the driver to pickup)

I could not find documentation on how to do that.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi @JeromeChauveau,

Thanks for your kind words!

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to configure the bots on your side.

If no driver has taken the delivery, the job will be expired and the delivery will be cancelled. More information about expiration here: No driver found. When will my order expire?

To simulate other behaviours like courier accident or end-customer not reachable we can plan a call to simulate these together. We usually test these cases in a Go-live call before you go to production.

Feel free to ask in this forum if you have any technical question

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll setup a meeting for pré-production tests.

It would be a blast to have the opportunity to configure bots behavior; mvp could be simple, with only the capability to setup delays for instance. I’d be glad to help on this, as a beta tester.

Until this is available, as I’d rather test a lot before go-Prod, I’ll try to create a simple bot to mimic the behavior.


Hi Paul

Did you by any chance add the capability to configure bots, or is it planned in a near future?


Hello @JeromeChauveau,

We unfortunately don’t have the capability to configure bots yet. It is definitely something we want to provide in the long term but don’t have it on our roadmap.