When does the history old jobs expires?


After creating multiple finished jobs. Today the history tab in the dashboard was empty and nothing about the job details existed (not the job itself, neither the tracking URL).

I wanted to ask about the availability timeframe of the old jobs and its details. Also, why all jobs disappeared at the same time?

Thank you.
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Hello @jackygreiss,

In the history tab of the Dashboard, you should see all finished or canceled jobs, for three months.
In the Active tab, you should see all jobs that are in progress.

Could you please try to log in and log out, and see if the jobs appear again?


Thank you. I did log out and log in, but they didn’t show. Does this time differ when I use the sandbox?

Hello @jackygreiss,

The 3-months period should be the same in sandbox. Please, note that the jobs that are not accepted by a courier (that ends up expiring), are not available to track from the dashboard right after refreshing the page.

Hello Sergi,

The job finished successfully, there weren’t expired. And they appeared in the history tab for about 5 days. Then disappeared. So is there other reasons that causes this?

If I may ask another question, how do I produce cancellations and expirations scenarios in sandbox?


Hello @jackygreiss,

Could you please send us a direct message with your client email, so that we can investigate why your jobs disappeared?

In regards to the second question, this is not possible yet but will be available in the coming weeks. For now, if you need to test these scenarios, drop us an email and we will do our best to help you.


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I figured out the issue with the jobs… I entered the link https://dashboard.stuart.com/new forgetting the sandbox

Oh!!! I see.

Thanks for coming back @jackygreiss,

Shall you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.