Expired jobs & no webhook updates

we have 3 jobs for our clients with Stuart which didn’t work. Both we received ID but nothing happened next. And nothing in the Stuart dashboard.
The first one yesterday at 16:59 was returned with ID 100258893, then nothing… (VILLEURBANNE)
and no message, but allways with a status "envoi au service de livraison)
The next one yesterday at 14:43 (59760 GRANDE SYNTHE) and no ID returned.
The third one was this morning ID 13374073, and nothing append next (PARIS / ISSY LES MOULINEAUX) with an status error “La livraison ne peut pas avoir lieu pour une raison involontaire aux coursiers”
Need help quickly or we’ll have to stop our service.

Hello Olivia,

Are these in sandbox or production environment? Could you provide the client_references linked to these orders?

For urgent help on this kind of issue you can contact our support through the chat in your Stuart dashboard.

Hi Laureen, in production.
Client User : mesmedicamentschezmoi@gmail.com
Trough the API

Do I need to use the chat right now or you can provide help on this issues?

I would advice that you use the chat for help if you cannot see the jobs in the Stuart dashboard. However I can see that both of these jobs expired so you can expect to not see them in the ‘history’ tab of the dashboard.

I can see some ‘request failed’ webhooks for these jobs, I will also investigate internally if this issue could be coming from our side.

OK, this is strange because we re-sent the same htird job later this morning and all worked perfectly. :thinking:

Hi Lauren,
any clues why the 3 jobs didn’t worked?
And there are not available in the history tab of our dashboard.

BTW, there is no “chat help” in the dashboard and the “Help” page doesn’t work either from the dashboard (404) :frowning:

Hi Olivia,

The Stuart dashboard is accessed here where you can see the job information for your account. Can you see them here?

Hi Lauren,
We know about the dashboard :wink:
And no, these 3 jobs are not in the “history” tab.
I contacted the Stuart team via the chat (it was online this time) but they say the first one was canceled because not biker… But without a webhook status, and without further info, how could we know that?

Hi @OliviaMMCM,

Ah ok, I thought you were referring to the help centre as the dashboard based on the screen shot you sent.

Yes to take job ‘13374073’ as an example, this job expired because no driver was found. Our logs show that the webhooks requests timed out on the delivery level, indicating that 'https://***your webhook url****/api/v1/stuart/webhooks wasn’t responding.

Apologies for the confusion, you can expect to see cancelled jobs in the dashboard history but expired jobs will not appear there.

OK for the “expired” jobs not in the dashboard. I understand.
For the TimeOut on our webhooks URL, so you have to wait before sending the status, no?
How much time does it take to received this status?

We sent real time updates of these status changes to you through webhooks, we could expect to see a wait of a couple of seconds between a status change and the webhook update of this status change. Taking the above example, we have the timestamp 09:31:45 for the expired status. We have the timestamp 09:31:47 for the job update webhook event with status expired.

I can see that we received a success response from these job update webhook events but not for the delivery update webhook events. It might be that you track the order by the delivery level updates and so had no visibility over this status update due to the failed delivery update webhook events.

OK, but for the job we sent and for which one we received no ID?
How could it be possible? I mean, we received everytime an ID, except for the job sent monday at 14:43 in 59760 GRANDE SYNTHE.

Could you send us the logs for these 3 jobs because we need to understand what we can fix to avoid this issues next time

I have sent a link direct to your email with webhooks log info for the job ‘100258893’.