UpdateDelivery endpoint

The UpdateDelivery endpoint is a Http PATCH request, but Stuart’s SDK doesn’t support making PATCH requests. We’ve done it manually, but ideally we wouldn’t have to… Does Stuart have a recommended way for handling this?

For reference, we’ve found the following ways to use the SDK… public ApiResponse performGet(String resource) throws IOException
public ApiResponse performPost(String resource, String body) throws IOException

So we can easily do GET and POST, but nothing else. Thank you!

You are completely right @jasminesmikle,

We should have as part of the methods in the SDK. I will note that down and I will make sure we add it.

Take into account that the repository is public and pull requests are more than welcome: https://github.com/StuartApp/stuart-client-java

I’m glad you found a workaround.

Thank you for raising this.

Thanks @Sergi! So in the interim, we should just do GET and POST manually?

I am going to work on this right now, and will probably release an update with this method tomorrow.

@jasminesmikle I have just upgraded our java library to version 1.0.2. It does include the PATCH method.

Great, thanks @Sergi. Will let you know if we have any questions!