Do Stuart provides client libraries or SDKs?

Current Client Libraries

All the following client libraries are available on Github. We strongly encourage you to use one of these libraries when it is possible.

Note that we are reactive to pull requests so feel free to open some if needed.

C%23_small elixir_small php_small scala_small
C# Elixir PHP Scala
ruby_small javascript_small java_small
Ruby JavaScript Java


The C# library was contributed by OrderYOYO and the Scala library by @smanciot.

You too are welcome to contribute if you’re building an open-source library for any language or any e-commerce solution. Feel free to reach out to us with a comment or new forum post if you’re interested!

Feedback and requests

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our client libraries!
We welcome you to take a few minutes to fill this feedback form to help us continue to improve our client library offering.

Hi, I have just released a new Stuart Client Library written in scala
Have a look at stuart-client-scala and let me know if you have any question :wink:


Hi @smanciot,

Thank you for sharing, this looks great!

We will update our list of libraries in this post above and in our API documentation so that future integrators have easy visibility of this new Client Library.

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Hi Lauren,
You are welcome :wink:

Hi @Lauren ,

I just added a generic support for Stuart WebHooks using the so called service StuartWebHooks which is implemented as an akka-http Route

Those methods should be extended appropriately stuartwebhooks