Supported OAuth2 flows / swagger

We are planning an integration with you guys and have a question about the OAuth flow.

We would like our customers to use their own Stuart accounts. To allow for this we would need to authenticate using their own account. Do you support OAuth 2 Authorization Code Flow (Server-Side Flow) whereby customers are redirected from our site to yours, authenticate our app and then are sent back to our site?

Or would you need the customer to manually visit your site, retrieve their token and paste it in on our site.

Secondly, do you happen to have a Swagger spec for your API which will allow us to generate a C# client?

Hey Conor :wave:,

OAuth2 Authorization code is unfortunately not yet available within the API. We are going to start working on the Stuart Connect feature which is exactly matching your use-case. You can subscribe to the Stuart Connect Beta program here and we’ll inform you as soon as it’s available.

We don’t officially provide any Swagger spec (OAS 2.0) or OAS 3.0 yet, but you can rely on the StopLight documentation feature to export our public documentation as an OAS 2.0 (swagger) specification, available here in yaml or here in json.

As a side note, we already have some open-source client libraries available that are following the same design. You should have a look at it before starting your C# lib, you might find it useful.

Kind regards,