Where do I generate access token from?

Whenever I try to get a response from your APIs it gives an error saying token revoked or expired. How do I generate a fresh token?


You can generate an access token using our endpoint here.

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Where do I get client_id and client_secret from?


You can find these by setting up in the sandbox environment by following the steps outlined here.
We also have a getting started guide that you can find here

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How do I insert token in API? Please find attached image.


We would recommend following the body structure shown in our API documentation here.

For future reference please be sure to keep your account credentials including your Client ID and Client secret private

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It’s still returning the same error. Could not send a request. Would you know why?


I noticed that you were not using the correct URL for your request. I would suggest following this guide and downloading our postman collection as this should have everything there. After downloading the collection you can find the endpoint “Get OAuth acess token”, from there use your credentials.

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Is there any video tutorial for this purpose? Because it’s apparently throwing the same error.


The error message you are receiving means you are using an invalid or expired access token.

A few steps to rectify this issue you can take:

  1. Request a new token - click on the main “Stuart On-Demand” folder from our postman collection and get a new access token from the bottom of the Authorisation page.

  2. Authorisation tab - Make sure the authorisation is set to “inherit auth from parent”

Please do not post your client ID or secret as this is a public forum, if you need any help with personal details feel free to send me a private message and I can provide further assistance.

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As an extra little tip, please make sure you have setup your environment correctly beforehand;

  1. outh_client_ID = Client ID found on in the Stuart dashboard - API settings page
  2. outh_client_secret = Client secret found in the Stuart dashboard - API settings page

You can find more information on setting up the environment and requesting a new access token here Public Postman Collection Now Available

Thank you for the feedback on a video tutorial and I will look to create one in the near future, I hope for now my replies and added screenshots can provide the assistance you require.