How does OAuth2 authentication protocol work?

Hello Stuart developer’s team,

I saw on your documentation that you are using Oauth2 for authentication purposes.
How does it works exactly?
and how will I be able to authenticate my app to interact with your API?


Hello Mathieu :wave:

Yes you are right, all Stuart API endpoints support OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.
To have a general understanding of what OAuth 2.0 protocol is, we recommend you to have a look at these well written articles:

Notice that we use the client credentials grant type to provide your application a way to access its own service account via API.

In addition we provide client libraries in different languages that manage your authentication for you entirely.
For example, you can have a look at the ruby client library and see how the authenticator class is working.

Hello Paul,

Thanks for your answer, I will have a look at your recommended articles and will come back to you if needed during my tests.

You’re welcome,

Feel free to search for answers and ask in Q&A section if you have any question.

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