Shopify carrier-calculated shipping necessity

Hi there,

For a restaurant, the Shopify CCS feature necessity is a little to much, because that’s requiring the Shopify annual plan who is 624 euros more than the annual Basic plan.

Most of the time, we will offer the delivery, or do a simple x up to x euro then free. So no need to a fees calcul…

It could be great tone able to skip this part in this case. I understood that it come from “classic e-commerce” delivery but that’s slightly different for restaurants own channel.

Thanks for your attention

Hi @growthcroissance,

Thank you for reaching out.

I can confirm the Shopify CCS feature is a requirement made by Shopify to enable all 3rd party carrier services on Shopify and out of Stuart’s control.

In order to enable any 3rd party carrier services this feature is required but you can find out more in regards to the available Shopify plans directly from their support page.

Hi @Daniel,

Even without the need to calculate fees ? Maybe there is a derogation possible, because for exemple I have “Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy” who appear as a carrier without the CCS feature enable. I believe is that as long we don’t use the fees calculation it could be used without CCS option.

Could worth to ask to Shopify…

Thanks for your help

Hi @growthcroissance,

A key feature of our app is the ability to calculate fees and present the delivery price to our merchant and their end-customers so the merchant can decide how to charge their end-customers for delivery and price their items.

I will feed back your suggestion to our product team.

Understood but that’s already difficult to charge customers for delivery fees for classic e-commerce, for restaurants delivery that’s even more difficult unless for Uber Eats… so we plan to offer it, that’s why I feel this feature not so useful for us.

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