Stuart's new official app for Shopify

Hi, I am trying to install and use the Stuart’s new official app for Shopify.

I can install it correctly, but when I try to configure the third-party carrier-calculated shipping, I can not because my client has not a Shopify Advanced plan.

¿It is required a Shopify Advanced plan to use this app? (In the description I do not found nothing about that)


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Hello @ivanbarcia,

Thanks for reaching out with your question!

Our official plugin registers the new carrier automatically in order for the Stuart delivery option to appear at checkout for your end-customer, there is no additional configuration required.

Also in Shopify Basic plans?

I have installed it in a store, but I can’t finish configuring it and making it work because having a basic shopify I can’t select external shipping providers.

Do you have a detailed installation guide?

Thank you!

Hello @ivanbarcia,

Our plugin should work without the need for additional configuration for any Shopify account or plan.
I believe that to run your business through Shopify you can use a free trial following which you would need to pay for a plan from Basic to Advanced according to your needs, here’s an article for reference:

can i build me shop without subscription? - Shopify Community.

We are currently working on a guide which we will publish here as soon as possible.
To be sure you are notified you can check out :bell: How to receive announcement notifications.

I have a basic development store and I can not configure and use your app. I install it and put my API keys correctly, but I can’t configure it in Shopify settings nor does it show up on the cart page.

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Hi @ivanbarcia,

To confirm our Stuart plugin’s setting page can be accessed via “Apps>Stuart Delivery”. Once on this page you will need to fill out your API credential details & pick up details as shown in this example and verify both settings.

Once this has been done, you should be able to place orders from your store using Stuart delivery method, a good way to test will be putting the a drop off address close to your store’s pickup address and confirming you have the Stuart delivery method like in the example below.

Please let me know if this helps resolve your issue and as mentioned above, we will be shortly releasing a guide on how to setup the Shopify plugin.


I filled correctly my API Keys (sandbox), but Stuart is not avaiable as delivery method.

I still have not nothing configurated in Stuart dashboard. Could be this the problem?

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Hi @ivanbarcia ,

Thank you for confirming, for the Stuart dashboard configuration, please confirm if you have setup a payment card on your account?

Also, if the correct API key is used please confirm the actual store’s location setting within Shopify matches the shipping address’s city.

We look forward to hearing back from you and providing assistance where required.

Kind regards,

  • Yes, I have a payment card on my Stuart account
  • Yes, my location setting in Shopify is in the center of Madrid.

These are my shipping settings on Shopify.

I don’t know what the problem might be.

Thanks for your help

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Hi @ivanbarcia,

No worries I am happy to help and will continue to help until we find a resolution.

To assist me with troubleshooting your issue would it be possible to send me a direct message of screenshots of the following settings;

  • Store details: address
  • Store details: time zone
  • Shipping & delivery: Shipping rates
  • Locations
  • Stuart delivery app settings

With this I can take a deeper dive into your configurations and hopefully spot any issues.

Many thanks,

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Bonjour, des que j’ai installer en dev tout es ok, et je passe en prod plus rien ne fonctionne et la j’ai supprimer pour rebooter.
Mais l appli plus compatible.
Comment on fait pour qu’on puisse l’utilisé ou cette appli a trop de correction en court?
Merci de votre aide

Bonjour @CELINE,
Merci de l’intérêt que vous portez à notre plug-in Shopify.

Je peux confirmer que cette application est maintenant entièrement fonctionnelle.

Pouvez-vous s’il vous plaît confirmer si vous avez pu vérifier que les commandes ont été créées avec succès lors de l’utilisation du mode sandbox via le tableau de bord Stuart.

Lorsque vous passez en mode production, pouvez-vous également confirmer que vous avez modifié vos informations d’identification d’API, en utilisant les valeurs de production ?

Merci d’avance,

j’ai bien l’application, parcontre que ce soit en mode sandbox TEST pas ne fonctionne pas et et api direct prod non plus.
Merci de votre aide de nouveau, comment il faut faire

Salut @CELINE ,

Veuillez consulter notre guide de configuration Shopify récemment publié.

S’il vous plaît laissez-moi savoir si vous avez des problèmes après avoir suivi ce guide.

Sincères amitiés,

Le problème il ne calcule pas et repère pas l appli STUART sur livraison config .

@CELINE, Je vais envoyer un message privé pour aider à étudier votre problème.