Shopify delivery scheduling for restaurants

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We are using Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy - Shopify app to select date for Local delivery Local pickup... | Shopify App Store for pick up and scheduling along with a very important order by slot limitation feature.

Could be great to integrate with it !

Waiting for this we will be only able to offer immediate delivery… or we will need to ask for a delivery manually ourselves from the app or dashboard.

Thanks for your attention


We are integrated with Zapiet, which means that by using our services through Zapiet, you can create scheduled deliveries.

Here is a link that explains how to connect our service to Zapiet.

Thank you!

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Awesome ! We are using Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy actually, because that’s much cheaper and it use to fit better for restaurant when we made our choice… but seems they have keep growing and aim to restaurant needs and are just awesome right now !

The only concern is that Zapiet look to requires CCS Shopify feature, so a Shopify plan… we would stay on the Basic plan, specially because we don’t need to calculate shipping fees, as restaurant we want to offer them from a certain amount, so it’s sad to pay 625 euros by year to upgrade for that…

I will continue to explore all solutions and maybe at the end the best could be to use Otter for both Uber/Deliveroo and Shopify and let only Otter communicate with Stuart and use the simple Pickup Delivery Date App on Shopify basic plan…


We also have an integration with Otter so there’s an opportunity to use Stuart via Otter.

In regards to Pickup Delivery Date —Pickeasy thank you for sharing, I will pass this onto our Partnership team to be further explored.

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Thanks @Daniel for the forward to Partnership team :smiling_face:

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