Sandbox Edge Case Scenarios Downtime

Hi everyone!

We wanted to inform you that you may experience misbehaviours when using the Sandbox Testing Scenarios.

These testing scenarios act as global account settings, meaning that the selected testing scenario will be applied to all jobs created in your account.

You may expect:

  1. The cancellation scenario
    The cancel status should be running as expected. However, if you are experiencing any problem with it, you can contact us to verify the settings of your account. This will also help with ensuring you receive the almost_picking and almost_delivering statuses for any of the sandbox flows.

  2. Waiting statuses
    The waiting statuses are not triggering but, again, you can contact us so we verify your Sandbox account settings to solve it.

  3. Returns status
    The return scenario is leading to happy path at the moment.

  4. Driver reassignment
    The driver reassignment is working as expected. You can expect the corresponding cancellation reason.

  5. Expired package
    The expiration scenario is working as expected. More information here.

Our teams are working on it and we won’t miss getting back to you as soon as it is resolved.

Thank you for your understanding.