Orders are stuck at courier_waiting + drop off


While testing out the scenario “Return delivery” in the sandbox environment, almost all of my tests were stuck at courier_waiting (with task drop off).

Before that, some of the packages were returned (like around 1 or 2), and the rest remained stuck until now.

Here are the package IDs of the ones that were stucked:

Package IDS

  • 100735103
  • 100735102
  • 100735101
  • 100734827
  • 100734822
  • 100734817
  • 100734802
  • 100734797
  • 100734789
  • 100734784
  • 100734779
  • 100734776
  • 100734751
  • 100734738
  • 100734727
  • 100734721
  • 100734699
  • 100734695
  • 100734323

Looking forward to yourt response. Thanks!

I would like to provide an update to this

I noticed that when I create a job without coordinates, the package is returned. But if I pass in coordinates, it gets stuck

Here’s the payload that gets returned, while this gets stuck

hello @ian.salazar

I have reviewed these jobs and identified a common issue. In all of them, the pickup and drop-off coordinates have the same values, potentially causing errors in the Sandbox environment.

Could you please try creating a job with distinct coordinates and referencing a more realistic scenario? This should resolve the issue.

If the problem persists after the change, please reach out here.

Hey, @Magdalena !

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t notice the minute difference between the coordinates

I tried to use realistic data, and the packages returned successfully