Issues with certain addresses


We’ve had issues with address accuracy on some specific ones, the message I’ve received from our support staff is as follows:

A few occurrences of customers who have put their full address into iBe, but it isn’t being translated through to Stuart - Stuart seems to pick the nearest one, which often doesn’t include the building/house number, and quite often is the wrong postcode.

Having rescheduled several of these, the Stuart system literally won’t allow me to choose the correct address, so I’m thinking this is an issue with the Stuart system rather than ours.

However, this most recent order, from [REDACTED], has come through, and the customer has said she used a pre-saved address, which she has not had issues with in the past.

Obviously I can’t post the addresses here due to privacy reasons, how would I get these across to you guys for debugging?

These are all from customer-reported issues.


Hello Connor,

I am going to open a private chat for you to send us the specific examples.

However, feel free to share with your team our address best practices guide.


Hi there
I am still waiting for your reply

Hello Sammy,

I replied Connor in a private message 7 days ago for providing confidential information. Feel free to ask him for the information in a secure and not public way.


Hello there,

Experienced the same problem too i.e. Stuart do not receive the full address like flat number for example? Any solution proposed about this?

Hi Claus,

We have since introduced Lat/long coordinates to our API to increase accuracy with addresses.
Please see our post attached for further information on how to utilise this solution.

I hope this helps and feel free to comment on the post if you need any further information.

Kind regards,

Thank you Daniel. From my understanding, I will have to contact my Stuart account manager to activate this but I guess also my delivery platform provider (which pass via API orders onto Stuart) to make some changes on their side too? This is FlipDish.

Alternatively, following our best address practices, you can also omit the flat number into the comment section, which is visible on the courier’s app.

This will require less development work and will also increase the accuracy for the couriers to find the specific door/flat number.

Uk best practice gives the exact issue we are having i.e. flat number not showing therefore should be placed in the comment section. While, we can do this when we manually request driver from Stuart dashboard, how could we make sure this happens when orders are automatically passed via API from FlipDish to Stuart? Should they make some changes on their side?

Hi Claus,

I have made a note of this and will raise this with FlipDish to try and resolve this as best as possible.

Thank you

Thank you Henry, if you hear from them or when it gets resolved, it would be fantastic if you could let me know. Thank you so much

Hello Henry, could you confirm you managed to reach Stuart integration for this issue? If so, could you please let me know the contact you have at FlipDish for this matter? So i can make sure my account manager at FlipDish reach them out too. Feel free to send me private message if you wish to.