How to set delivery state schedule?


I have connected the Stuart delivery plugin and Stuart API to my WordPress woo commerce system, but Stuart’s schedule is not set even after I place an order. Kindle Helps me with this problem.

Please have a look above image. @Lauren @Daniel

Hi @Mofazzal_Hossain,

Thank you for using our WooCommerce plugin and I will be more than happy to assist where I can.

To begin, I can see the order was never sent to Stuart so this order wouldn’t have been scheduled.

Can you please confirm in your settings that Stuart’s API has been connected and is running successfully and the Stuart delivery option is enabled

Also, make sure the correct geographic areas you would like Stuart to fulfil have been enabled within ‘shipping zone’.

Please let me know once these settings have been reviewed and if you still struggle creating an order?

Many thanks,

I’ve already connected Stuart API in the woocommerce shipping zone and also enable the Stuart option.

I’ve set shipping zones for the UK to add a shipping method for Stuart’s delivery.

Please have a look below images.

Thank you.