Shopify - New Shipping Availability Feature

:new: What’s new?

As a client using Stuart’s plugin, you can now set your store’s shipping availability and can specify which days and hours your store is available to ship.

:bulb: How does it work?

By default, when using the Stuart Shopify plugin your store is available at all times. With this new feature you can now specify the operating times and days your store will be available. Please see the video below for a demonstration.

:magic_wand: What’s the impact?

You now have the ability to block out times/days for breaks, holidays, packing time and much more.
This will allow for a more automatous scheduling and a more robust operation when packing orders.

:date: When will this change take place?

This feature is now available on our official Stuart app. Please see our announcement post for the Shopify app store link! 🎉 New Product: Stuart Shopify Plugin

:eyes: What’s next?

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