Stuart Shopify: Multi-location support setup


This documentation is meant for users that were already using Stuart’s Shopify app before the integration of multi-locations support. If you’re a new user of the app you can directly follow the documentation of the setup guide.

Stuart’s app will work as usual even before performing the upgrade, it will use all the information configured in the deprecated sections until you have verified and activated at least one new location. This will be explained in depth.

How to upgrade

1 - Update the app in Shopify

To support multi-locations shops Stuart’s app needs to have the rights to access the locations data of your shop, therefore the first step will be for you to accept those changes the next time you access Stuart’s app, see the screenshot below

2 - New Stuart Shopify app interface with multi-location feature

3 - New Multi-location features & deprecated location features

  • New multiple locations

The new Location section list all of the locations configured within your Shopify settings, bringing uniform between the two settings. This also allows the ability to use each location as pick-up location and not limited to a single address, which we will explore in detail later.

  • Deprecated section: Pickup Address

This is the previous pickup address form, as we now use location data from your Shopify settings, this section has become redundant and will be removed once the you have successfully activated a new location.

  • Deprecated section: Shipping Availability

Shipping availability can now be configured at a location level. You can now configure each store to have individual opening and break times, independent from each location.

  • Deprecated section: Preparation time

Preparation time can now be configured at a location level. Each store could set their own preparation time which suits their operations needs as required for the location.

  • Deprecated section: End customer pricing

End customer pricing can now be configured at a location level. This is especially useful if each store has a different location or various additional charges you may need to add depending on the location.

4 - Verify and activate new locations

After updating Stuart’s Shopify app, the first time you will access the new Shopify plugin interface, the app will automatically try to validate your Shopify location addresses. Only successfully validated addresses will be usable by Stuart to perform deliveries, if some location addresses are not valid you will need to update them in your Shopify settings to make sure the addresses are accurate enough.

Finally, to complete the upgrade you will need to activate at least one location.
(Please note, until an address has been activated the location settings will remain at a global level and multi-pickup location can not be used)

Congratulations the upgrade has now been completed :tada:

Now the new location(s) activated will be used as pickup information for deliveries handled by Stuart.

You will notice that once a location is activated, the deprecated sections will not show up anymore on the configuration page.

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