Error payment declined create job


I follow the documentation,
it’s working fine from the dashboard when i create a job.

But when i try on postman i have this error 422 : “PAYEMENT_DECLINED”.

I have a payment card in my account, i try many card but the problem is still here.

Can you help me to fix this ?

Hello Leo,

I have updated the settings for your account so that you no longer need the credit card to create orders by API.

It looks like you created two accounts, so it might be that you added the credit card details to only the one where you created Dashboard orders.

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Thanks for your help,

Yes i created 2 accounts because it was not working, and it’s still not working with my account.
I have the same error, i tried with the others account and change my client id and secret id but not it’s not working.

Can you maybe delete the account with my adresse, and i’ll try again.

Hello @Leo,

We have updated the settings for both accounts so that a credit card is no longer required.
You can try to create orders, it should work as expected.


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Hi, i still need your help.

So i have two account but with the same email?

I have credentials (api_secret & client_id) for test, and it’s working fine with API request,
but when i connect to my account with this email, i have different credentials.

So I change it, and it’s doesn’t work, error: invalid_client.

If there’s two account on the same adresse, can you delete one account.

Hi @Leo,

I just sent you a private message to get your email address.

Thank you in advance

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Yes thanks, i answered you

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